Optimization & Advice

Commercial thinking.

We are born entrepeneurs, just like you. Beside our grafic and technical skills, we also possess commercial thinking. We know how it should be done, know what works, how to reach conversion, and how to responsibly invest. On top of that, we enjoy helping. Need a sounding board or want to spar? Good idea! Contact us!

Conversion BOOOOST.

Often, we can say how people will look, move, and think. Albert Heijn sorts its shelves with this information, but online this knowledge is also crucial. Mainly user-friendliness, overview, and logical placement of navigation and buttons are very important. We know how this works. Let us scan your shop open-endedly!

The E-commerce Manager.

Do you want to get your business online, do you want a B2B channel for your customers, or are you looking for a fresh look on e-commerce? We enjoy and find it challenging to accompany existing businesses online or reform and further optimize online businesses. We work with a fresh look, lots of experience, and with a no-nonsense approach. Contact us here!