Joyce Janssen - Marketingmanager Eddy's
Joyce Janssen
Marketingmanager Eddy's

Eddy's about GROW from Lightspeed specialist Shopmonkey

"A subscription ensures that there is development time for you"

"Eddy's, a multibrand store for women, men and children in Eindhoven, is a fast-growing webshop with a strong focus on the perfect customer experience. "Everything has to be right for a successful webshop. From good findability and user experience to flexible delivery," says Joyce Janssen, who, as marketing manager, is responsible for the Eddy's website."

Growing with GROW
In 2021 Eddy’s switched to a new website and since then they have been working closely with Shopmonkey. Joyce is very enthusiastic about their partner for the further development of the webshop. They have an overview of the costs and there is also the certainty that Shopmonkey has time for Eddy’s, because they have opted for a subscription for a fixed number of hours per week: GROW.

"Shopmonkey is Lightspeed specialist"

“Shopmonkey has a creative young team that is easy to reach and with whom we can switch quickly. There is a weekly joint session in which we discuss new developments and wishes with our account manager. Then we look at what needs to be converted into an adjustment of the website for an even more optimal user experience. They then make a design for that part of the website and when this is finalised, they carry it out.”

"Growing together with subscription for continued development"

Thoughtful and proactive
Janssen believes that one of Shopmonkey's strong points is that it regularly makes proactive suggestions for improvements. This gives the consumer more freedom of choice. We are currently planning for the next six months, in which we will mainly implement new ideas to inspire the visitors to the website more and also to give them the 'real' Eddy shopping experience online.

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