Privacy policy

Because we value privacy very much, we would rather not process any data. But hey, sometimes we have no choice. The tax authority obligates us to save certain information. Information like your telephone number or email address are useful and can be of service to you; in this way we are able to notify you what an excellent job we’ve done for you. This makes a lot of sense, and we believe everyone understands this. However, we are legally required to be specifically transparent according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Not a problem, we will do that:

Contact information processor:

Online Monkey
Luzernestraat 15
2153GM Nieuw-Vennep

Phone number: 023 555 33 04
Chamber of Commerce: 34377561
VAT registration number: NL82189206B01

Hereafter called “we”;

Personal information we process

We will process your personal information because you are using our services and/or you have provided us with this information. The personal information that we process is listed below:

  • First- and last name
  • Address information
  • Telephone number
  • Email address

With businesses we will also process and keep the BTW- and Kamer van Koophandel (KvK, Chamber of Commerce) number. For clients from who we may automatically withdraw money we also keep an IBAN (bank account) number. Now you are informed.

Special and/or sensitive personal information we process

We want to know if our website works well and if it’s still useful to have a website, so we track data via Google Analytics. We can’t however, check whether a visitor on our website is older than 16 years, but we definitely have no intention to collect any information from our youngsters. We advise parents to get involved in the online activities of their children to prevent their children’s information from being collected. If you are convinced that we’ve collected a child’s personal information by accident and without permission, please contact us via

With what purpose and on what base we process personal information

Very simple. Just because we want to be able to call or email you if we have any questions, because the tax authorities want us to, because we want to send you an email to inform you of our services, because we have to send you an invoice when we’ve created something nice for you again or to make sure you are able to pay us properly.

Sharing personal information to third parties

We use (cloud)software to save your information. For the purpose of CRM we use the Pipedrive solutions. In Pipedrive we process your company name, domain name, first- and last name, and email address. Why? We don’t have the memory of an elephant. Pipedrive helps us out.

When you outsource an order to us we put a description of this order in Monday. Monday is a cloud solution that helps us with the tight schedule and gives us insight into when and what order we have to execute. In Monday we do not process any personal information, we just want to keep you updated. Now you also know why we always deliver so fast before any deadline!

After we produce an order according to schedule, like always, we create an invoice in Moneybird; our accounting system. Moneybird does process personal information like company name, first- and last name, billing address, email address, KvK number, and BTW number.

Oh, and another thing…

We will never sell any processed information to third parties, unless you ask us to. When you ask us if an expert in a different field can help you, it could occur that we communicate your name, telephone number, and email address to the concerned party. In the end you are the one that wants to be called or emailed, right? We will never do this without your permission or when you have not asked for it.

Term keeping personal information

We keep saved personal information at least seven years where the tax authorities ask us to. It might be the case that we keep this information longer than legally required, because in eight years we’ll be able to look back to what we accomplished for you eight years ago. If you wish for this information to be deleted you can let us know via We will make that happen.

Automated decision making

We do not make decisions about cases that could have consequences for persons on the base of automated processes.

Cookies and similar techniques

We use functional cookies, analytical cookies, and tracking cookies. And what are those, cookies? Cookies are small text files that are saved when visiting our website. We use these cookies to have our website function properly for you. Besides that, we place cookies that tell us which pages on our website you’ve visited and how you’ve used our website. We do not place cookies so that we can show you custom adverts, because we don’t show any adverts on our websites.

Requesting, adjusting, or deleting your information

You have the right to know what (personal) information of you we have saved. You can also have this corrected or deleted by us, if it’s legally allowed. Would you want to do this? Send an email to and we’ll make sure that you’re able to see your information or that it is deleted within five days.

We also want to let you know that, if you have any complaint with regards to the processing of information, you can always notify the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, via this link (

How we secure personal information

We take the protection of your information seriously and take fitting measures to prevent any abuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure, unauthorized changes etc. form happening. Keep in mind the fact that we do not save any information ourselves. Information is processed by third parties as mentioned in this statement. If you have the feeling that your information is not properly secured or that there is evidence of abuse, contact us via

Do you have any more questions regarding GDRP? Don’t hesitate to contact us via!