Kim Daanje - Marketing Mulder Retail
Kim Daanje
Marketing Mulder Retail

Mulder Retail about developing websites together with Shopmonkey

"Reliable, thoughtful and fast partner"

"Mulder Retail runs two Dutch-language websites and one French-language one with everything for the garden. Of these, is the most important webshop, offering flower mixtures, grass seed and various articles for lawn care. Kim Daanje, responsible for the user interface of the webshops and for marketing: "We have been working closely with Shopmonkey for five years now for the technical optimisation of our websites.""

Optimal user experience
In that time, Shopmonkey has proven to be a reliable, thoughtful and fast partner, says Kim. We can do quite a bit of adapting ourselves. However, if for example new code must be written in Lightspeed, on which our websites run, Shopmonkey comes into play. After all, they are specialised in this programme. We also work with various parties for SEO and SEA. When they come up with an analysis with a technical consequence, Shopmonkey makes sure that the work is done.

‘Shopmonkey is specialized in Lightspeed’

Weekly number of hours
Mulder Retail purchases a number of hours per week via a subscription. There is weekly contact with a fixed contact person. Together we discuss what kind of adjustments need to be made. Then the technology of Shopmonkey gets to work. The developers give feedback, so that everything is finished. 'The subscription for the further development of our sites works well for us. The costs are manageable. Everything is explained very well. What they are going to do, how long it is going to take; it is all taken care of. There is also a joint online planning board. We usually manage with the weekly standard hours. And if there is something that can't wait, then our contact person will even schedule a few things for us at Shopmonkey on his day off'

‘Subscription for continued site development works well’

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