Daniel Vermeij - Owner Wear2work
Daniel Vermeij
Owner Wear2work

Wear2Work about Shopmonkey's customisation and GROW subscription

"Thanks to the many customizations in Lightspeed by Shopmonkey, our web shops function 100% to our satisfaction"

"Wear2Work is an all-round specialist in workwear, work shoes and personal protection equipment. Their range is very extensive and includes products for every profession and budget. Customised' is the key word for Shopmonkey's work, says Daniel Vermeij, director-owner of Wear2Work."

Combining articles
"People quite often don't have the same size work jacket and work trousers. It is therefore very important that our customers can combine different sizes and also colours of articles in one order. That is not a standard feature in Lightspeed. That's why a lot of custom work was and is needed. Shopmonkey excels in that."

In addition, we have ensured that Wear2Work itself can also adapt things, such as text and images, but also, for example, the filling in of buttons.

"With the GROW subscription, Shopmonkey has listened carefully to the customer"

Some time ago, Wear2Work was thinking of switching to another partner for website development. "Before GROW was introduced, there was talk of 'being on hold', longer lead times and so on. That didn't really work out. We then investigated alternatives. At the same time, we opened talks with Shopmonkey. They recognised the problem, because it affected more customers. Zij zelf gelukkig ook. So they took the feedback constructively and introduced GROW. And we have remained customers.

GROW is the subscription on development time that Shopmonkey has been offering for some time now. As a customer, you choose a fixed number of hours per week, which are guaranteed to be available to you. "We like that very much, because we want to adjust things continuously, such as realising a comparator, checkout purchases and so on. That all requires customisation. We use Trello as a planning tool and put our wishes there. Shopmonkey then indicates when they have started, the run through, and ask any questions. We often have several orders running simultaneously, so this provides insight.

Recently Wear2Work also has a separate website for Belgium. Shopmonkey has done a lot of good work there with the same kind of customisation. We can also do technical issues with them. Think of loading speed or the Javascript that needs to be limited.

We are currently developing the option that we will soon be able to offer clothing packages per profession. It is possible to order everything separately, but one package for the painter, for example, is then cheaper. This customization is also in good hands at Shopmonkey.

"Web design, custom web development and also technical issues: it is in good hands at Shopmonkey"

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