Tobias Timmerman - Owner So Clever
Tobias Timmerman
Owner So Clever

So Clever about co-development with Shopmonkey

"Growing with an overview of development"

"So Clever is the storage shop of the Netherlands. Their aim is to make storing, tidying and organising your home fun and easy. They have the largest selection of unique storage products in the Netherlands: from refrigerator organizers to organizers for your wardrobe. Shopmonkey designed and built their webshop in Lightspeed. Together with So Clever they are now working on the further development of it."

Overview of development
Tobias Timmerman, founder and owner of So Clever is very satisfied with the GROW subscription of Shopmonkey for further development. The Trello planning board that is part of the subscription brings peace and overview. This was the most important reason for us to choose for a subscription. Emailing ultimately doesn't work optimally if you have several subprojects that need to be worked on simultaneously. Now there is insight into each component: what stage are we at, when will it be completed, etc;

"Shopmonkey is the go-to developer for Lightspeed"

A recent subproject in which there was close cooperation is the further development of the checkout. Until recently, this was quite basic. Now you see several consecutive steps that are maximally aimed at keeping the customer in the buying process and let him complete the purchase. Header and footer disappear the further you get into the checkout, the click-to-action is always clearly visible and there are as few distractions as possible. Really a good example of how smoothly the cooperation with Shopmonkey goes.

"Subscription is a win-win in terms of time, effort and money"

Guaranteed available every week
Tobias continues: 'At the moment we have about ten subprojects running side by side. We opted for a fixed number of hours per week in which Shopmonkey is guaranteed to be available to us. As said, using Trello instead of mail is a huge win in terms of time, effort and therefore money.'

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