Add-ons for your webshop

An add-on is an extension or addition that extends the functionality of a webshop. Browse through our home-made add-ons with which you can take your shop a step further. Choose from one of our existing add-ons or get inspired and choose for customization with your own add-on.

Custom checkout
We have rebuilt the multi-step checkout of Lightspeed from the ground up. This way, we can ensure that the checkout fits in seamlessly with the design of your webshop. There are also all sorts of features to make it as easy as possible for the customer. No distractions.
Color options
When you sell a product in multiple colours, you want to make this immediately visible to your users. With this add-on we make sure that this is the case.
404 page
A functionality that is not included in Lightspeed by default, but is very important. When a page doesn't exist (anymore), you want to make this clear (to your customers and to Google). With a 404-page we make this clear at a glance. You can also choose to show products here, or a search bar for example.
Thank you page
With a beautifully designed thank-you page, you can close the last contact with your paying customer. You can also indicate how the process works after the order, or let the customer create an account with one push of a button if he/she has not done so yet.
Can be used on special occasions. Is there a SALE going on? Put it on. PostNL busy, so shipping takes longer? The same. No longer needed? Then simply turn it off.
Custom cart
We have rebuilt the cart in Lightspeed from the ground up. This way, we can ensure that the cart fits in seamlessly with the design of your webshop.
Custom labels
Besides a sale label, sometimes there is so much more you would like your customers to see right away. With custom labels, you can add a customised message to each product.
Live search
Show search results while the customer is still typing. Your customer doesn't have to go through the search page anymore.
Cookie message
It is important that you properly explain why you use cookies and what for. In addition, it is, of course, very neat if this message is in line with the design of your shop.
Delivery time in product tile
Save your customers a click to a product page of a product that is out of stock by showing both stock and delivery time in the product tiles.
VAT switch
If you serve both B2B and B2C customers, it can be useful to let the customer decide whether to view the prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT.
Infinite scroll
Instead of a standard pagination, we can also make it unnecessary. You scroll to the last products on the page, and when you are almost there, the next products appear.
Custom review widget
The widgets that review providers offer for displaying your reviews on the website do not always match the style of your shop. With a custom review widget, we collect your score from the provider and display it seamlessly in your shop. Always up-to-date.
Datepicker checkout
Do you sell furniture or larger goods? Then it sometimes happens that you want to let your customers decide when the delivery is most convenient. With a datepicker in the checkout you let the customer choose the preferred delivery date.
Added to cart popup
Increase the chance of additional sales with a popup when the customer puts a product in his shopping cart. You can show related or additional products in this popup.
E-mail template
Automatic e-mails, for example after an order, are an extension of your services and your web shop. With an e-mail template, you can make these easily recognisable and in line with your web shop.
Webp image converter
The fastest loading times and the sharpest images? Then you've come to the right place! Our Image Converter tool effortlessly converts your product images from PNG and JPG to the modern WebP format.