Rick van den Barselaar - Owner ComfortClub
Rick van den Barselaar
Owner ComfortClub

ComfortClub on the new webshop on Shopify

"Fast, good updates and easy switching. That typifies Shopmonkey."

"ComfortClub is a solo brand of Bruut and offers exclusive clothing. "We wanted a webshop on a technically strong and flexible platform. That became Shopify. Shopmonkey translated our needs into a powerful result," says Rick van den Barselaar."

Flexibility, speed and leeway
"We operate in a hypemarket and to acquire and maintain a leading position in this, speed and flexibility is of great importance. Shopify offers the latest features and thinks along; here is the slack we need to function well. In addition, it gives room to make our own adjustments, allowing us to quickly anticipate developments."

Always going back to the 'why'
"I have quite a lot of experience in the webshop field. For ComfortClub, I created a wireframe and a design myself. Shopmonkey picked up on that. What I found very powerful here is that they always brought us back to 'why'. Why do we want a certain feature? This got us thinking about the essence of the web shop throughout the process. As a result, we worked very consciously towards our goals."

The whole team is involved
"It took us five months to design and set up the webshop from scratch. There was a lot of contact during that time. A phone call, an app, an e-mail... The switch was easy and we were kept well informed. What I also really liked was the involvement of the entire Shopmonkey team in feedback rounds. With that, these rounds went very quickly. This is typical of the company, I think. I know from previous projects that we can always call them; they are very accessible. And they don't look at anything weird. That works very relaxed."

I really wouldn't know what could have been done better
"We know so much about online ourselves that we often tackle our own problems. For everything else, we have Shopmonkey. They are so creative, thoughtful and experienced that we always come to a solution. I really don't know what could have gone better with this project.  We are going to spend the coming period analysing and looking closely at where we can optimise.  I look forward to customer feedback once we are live."

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