Frans Nomden - Owner WATT E-bikes
Frans Nomden
Owner WATT E-bikes

WATT Bikes about the collaboration with Shopmonkey

"Expertise, a focus on solutions and direct contact are the strong points of our cooperation"

"Frans Nomden is the owner of WATT Bikes, the brand in urban e-bikes. He has been working with Shopmonkey for two years for the development of their custom-made webshop. Frans is very satisfied with Shopmonkey's approach and recently started using the GROW subscription."

Custom-made webshop
"We offer our bicycles and a wide range of possible accessories in our webshop, which is set up with Lightspeed. Our previous ICT partner already outsourced a specific part of the development work to Shopmonkey. And that is how we met. It was logical to work together more intensively, because of the customization Shopmonkey can offer."

"Our developers at Shopmonkey have a lot of knowledge and experience"

Shopmonkey completely redeveloped the website. The most challenging part was building the bicycle configurator, according to Frans. "Customers want to see what their future purchase will look like with that specific saddle, grips or other accessories. At the moment we are looking very closely together at how we can optimise the conversion from the configurator. Shopmonkey then comes up with creative input."

Frans finds this creativity a strong point anyway. "When I come up with a business question, 'our' developers immediately draw the line to a solution. They have a lot of knowledge and experience. And then they come up with an answer and a concrete story about what to do, lead time, costs and so on. The direct contact with developers is really a strong point."

Regular photographer of WATT Jurian Kriebel provided first class images which Shopmonkey used to design the pages on the website. There are unique landing pages per bicycle model, the bicycle configurator and a customer account dashboard.

"Introducing the subscription form GROW for the continuous development of a webshop is a very good move, in my opinion. You are guaranteed a fixed number of development hours per week. No more waiting until your ICT partner has time for you. You can be sure that your development question will be answered quickly", says Frans.

"A fixed number of development hours per week. No more waiting for your ICT partner to find time for you"

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