#1 in Lightspeed custom work

Most experienced

With 1.500+ shops the most experienced Lightspeed partner, the most quick!

Quick feet

Permanent contact person, who responds within a half-day

Lightspeed speed

We work on 70+ stores on a daily basis and are truly efficient. Let's go!

Most affordable partner

Besides the fastest, the most affordable Lightspeed partner. €79 per hour.

A 9.9, appreciation.

9.98 to be exact. We wanted a 10, but some time ago we 'only' scored an 8+...

Years of experience on Lightspeed...

In 2009 the love began, when we were Lightspeed clients ourselves. As oldest partner of Lightspeed, we are now performing miracles for other Lightspeed clients, Lightspeed itself and other Lightspeed partners. With a relative small team (10 guys and a dog) we have full focus on Lightspeed and we're extremely efficient. That's why we're fastest and most affordable Lightspeed partner. Best of the Best! Champions League!

What, for who?

For anyone. For the small Lightspeed client on the corner of the street or the giant with an annual revenue higher than 40 million. For the 'home entrepreneur', but also for known fashion stores like Baskèts, Beachim, BRUUT, Cramers van Asten and FOUR by Azzurro. For the small stores with products like beads or stamps, but also for bigger stores like Motorkleding Center, ID&T, PostNL, Telegraaf, WonenMetLef or XXLhorexa.com

What we're capable of? Nearly everything. More than others. We create custom designs, build themes, perform custom work for existing Lightspeed stores and invent efficient back-end solutions. We help Lightspeed shops to perform better in conversion, help them grow and work efficient. Name something, we've done it before!

Discover our miracles

How we work?

Whether you are looking for a complete custom design on Lightspeed or in need of advice on choosing a suitable theme or customization to your existing Lightspeed store; it starts with communicating your wishes! We strive to plan your personal route up front, so we can fly to the right destination in one go. Besides that, we only charge the time we need, because that's the most efficient and fair!

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The most EXPERIENCE Lightspeed Elite partner - Shopmonkey
The most EXPERIENCE Lightspeed Elite partner - Shopmonkey