Cas Ramakers en Rob Wintjes  - Owners Roca Online
Cas Ramakers en Rob Wintjes
Owners Roca Online

Roca Online about GROW by Shopmonkey

"The relationship of trust and effective communication help us to grow"

"Cas Ramakers and Rob Wintjes are the owners of Roca Online. They now manage 13 specialised web shops within the construction and interior design sector. Examples are for custom-made oak (table) tops, NATUURSTEENvakman for custom-made window sills and for custom-made banisters. Roca Online has been working with Shopmonkey for three years now, because of their specialist knowledge and skills in the field of web design and web development."

"And to more than complete satisfaction", says Cas. "We offer specific customised products within our web shops, which are set up with Lightspeed. At a certain point we were looking for an experienced partner who could develop customised products within that programme, and that is how we ended up at Shopmonkey"

‘Shopmonkey is an experienced partner at Lightspeed’

Rob indicates that Shopmonkey is indispensable for the further development of Roca Online’s webshops. How does that work? "Take for example expansions within At one point we thought: okay, floating oak wall shelves, that's also an interesting product for us. In addition to the customised dimensions, the system must also automatically calculate how many brackets are needed for which lengths. The customer must also be able to choose from various extra options such as the edge finish and the treatment. I work out the concept and can then submit it to Shopmonkey with a ticket, without having to mail it"

"We are very happy with their GROW subscription model for the continuous development of our shops. Roca Online takes a fixed number of hours per week. Shopmonkey can therefore start right away. We shoot in all our wishes, so Shopmonkey can always continue; this way we make sure we are always one step ahead. I do not have to ask for a time estimate or a quotation. This saves a lot of time for both parties and results in a faster turnaround, which is where the big profit lies for us. In terms of costs, we know exactly where we stand. If there is extra work outside the scope of our subscription, a transparent quote will be provided quickly"

‘Approach, communication and cooperation via GROW: everything is correct’

Good match
That relationship of trust and direct communication with the developers via ticketing, effectively and quickly, are the biggest plus points, adds Cas. "They help us to grow. Shopmonkey's approach, the communication and cooperation via GROW: everything is right and they match us perfectly"

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