Shops, shops and more shops.

Shopmonkey builds webshops. Neat, commercial, nice, user-friendly, conversion-optimized and sublimely scoring in Google. From small to big, for everyone, and managable via the most efficient and ‘monkey-simple’ way. You know your product, we know e-commerce. You provide the content, we provide the technical and grafic part.

Why do we have the best solution?

We build on Lightspeed, today’s best SaaS-platform. We provide an all-in-one solution with all functions included. Like product management, logistics, accounting, reports, marketing integrations, the lowest transaction costs with Lightspeed Payments, and rapid safe hosting. In short, the most professional, fast and efficient solution. Best of the best.

No worries and álways online.

Lightspeed takes all your troubles away. No more updating, for that is included. Álways online, Lightspeed guarantees 99.94% uptime. Questions? Our helpdesk is available for answers! With Lightspeed, we put an end to long and expensive development processes and spare the hassle. Very simple: You manage the shop. We take care of the worries, technics, and updates.

  • Why is SaaS the best solution?

    SaaS (a.k.a. ‘Software as a service’) is a solution where you’ve got everything you need. When building a shop we press a green button, wait for two seconds, and then have a complete foundation including all functions, integrations, and links.

    Everything works! The only thing that’s left for us to do is create a powerful design and (product) content.

    Using SaaS also means that you don’t have to look back to the technical part. SaaS is a safe cloud-based solution, so there’s no requirement of software that has to be installed beforehand. All SaaS-platform clients are grouped and benefit from óne collective advantage: safe and rapid hosting with unlimited bandwidth. Also, you never have to worry about updates, your shop is álways online, your technical staff isn’t needed anymore, and your shop is done in no time. In short, you can sleep soundly at night.

  • Lightspeed vs Magento (open source)

    Magento, Wordpress, and other open-source solutions are expensive. Everything has to be built from scratch which results in ridiculously long development processes and enormous costs (€5,000 - €20,000 or more). You’re also bound to essential updates that have to be installed by professionals (for a high price), every one or two years. On top of that, you yourself are responsible for proper hosting. Ask the average Magento-user just how many worries this entails!

    SaaS doesn’t have these issues. We don’t have to build from scratch, updates are included, you don’t niet the technical skills, and you don’t have to worry about hosting.

  • Why does open source then even exist?

    Well, we ask ourselves the same question. The only benefit to open source is that (for now) it is more scalable and that there are more work arounds available for complex wishes. However, the possibilities of SaaS in this area are developing rapidly. We’re expecting that within two years SaaS should be the only solution.

  • What functions can I expect with Lightspeed?

    Actually, all functions you would need to run a successful shop. From discount modules to links with accounting systems, Marktplaats, comparison websites, and more. Others offer, besides that, links and additional functions via the App Store, and we can easily link external additions via API. The system is compleet, ask our clients!

  • When is Lightspeed NOT suitable?

    Lightspeed is a SaaS-platform, which means that it is intended for a wide audience. However, not everyone delivers products like the rest does. The checkout is optimized 100%, but not adjustable where it’s protected and collective. For leasing, services, tickets, auction sites and such, the platform is not (yet) optimally qualified. No worries, for this as well we have customized solutions.

  • What does it cost?

    We think building on Lightspeed is definitely the best solution. After all, you pay óne fixed monthly rate for everything (updates, hosting, management system, support, and more). And because the technics are already there, you only pay us for customizing the front end. This can be done with a standard template, or completely customized. Depending on your wishes we build from €250 to €5,000 (or more, if you want to take it up a notch).

Want us to build your store?

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