Zalando quality for a soft price…

App or mobile shop?

The share of desktop users versus mobile users is shifting. At this moment there are significantly more users shopping online on a smartphone than a desktop. Although the mobile shops we have delivered perform well on a smartphone, an app takes it to the next level. And you know what? We can arrange that for you, relatively affordable!

An app has many advantages.

Did you know that the open rate of a push notification is much higher than a sent newsletter? Unlike emails, a push notification immediately engages a user, as the interaction is delivered to a user’s personal device. Push notifications generally have a very high average open rate, meaning that your users will have a strong chance of being engaged with your mobile marketing interactions. Conclusion? Offer your good customers the option of an app because the return on investment is closer than you think.

Zalando quality for just a few hundred bucks…...

A good quality app costs you around €20.000, if not more. Why? Because many apps have to be developed and redesigned time after time. This might be nice for the app builder, who is likely to be able to buy a new Porsche, but it is a waste of your money. In collaboration with our app partner Apptonize, we have decided to do it differently: an excellent system developed for the collective.

Custom solutions vs. SaaS. vs. Saas as it should be.

Custom solutions are expensive. Saas is offered in the collective, which makes it beneficial. Most importantly, there is no fuss with maintenance, updates, hosting etc. The disadvantage of SaaS, however, is that you cannot fully customize your design, but rather work with a template. Saas enables you to fully customize your design.