We play Champions League in these fields:

We build webshops.
Need a proffesional and affordable shop? Like Telefoondiscounter, Lofty Manner, Ottoseal or Casimoda? Discover how we do wonders on the Lightspeed platform!
Lightspeed adjustments.
Lightspeed client and need certain adjustments? Cause of our hugely experience we’re the best, fastest and for that reason the most affordable Lightspeed Elite Partner.
POS and Omnichannel.
Combine online and offline stores with Lightspeed’s seamlessly Point of Sale and E-commerce solutions!
We build apps.
Need a ‘Amazon quality’ app, fully integrated with Lightspeed, but not willing to pay 30K? Read on!
Lightspeed Themes.
Check out Theme Mandrill. With 200+ functions the most comprehensive theme in the Lightspeed Theme Store!
Customized systems.
For complex products that don’t fit a standard system, we’ve also got fantastic solutions!
Marketing, Optimization & Advice.
Why are our clients so sucessfull? We know! And we share!
Back-end development.
Want to link with suppliers, point-of-sale systems, or inverntory solutions? Our technical skills provide help!

A clear philosophy about building web shops

Our philosophy is that we are (and remain) the best in what we do. For that reason we are 100% focused and we work exclusively with systems that fit our philosophy. In building webshops, we have 100% focus on the front-end of Lightspeed webshops, but we also perform great back-end work. In addition, we offer tailor-made solutions when your wish does not fit on Lightspeed and we build apps in collaboration with our partner Apptonize. Either, we work exclusively with SaaS solutions, because we do not like to struggle.

We have a hands on mentality. Less talking, more doing. And where we strongly dislike traditional consultancies (where 20 men talking a week about stuff we are discussing during just one lunch) we now also give advice. We are happy to tell you how our customers have become so incredibly successful and are happy to discuss conversion, marketing, logistics and overall vision. Because, we know better than anyone how it works, if we may say so ourselves ...