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Do you want to build a webshop? Do you want to further develop an existing webshop commercially? Or both?

Shopmonkey is your experienced partner in realising webshops, with more than 1700 webshops built on Lightspeed eCommerce, Shopify and custom systems.

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<span>Grow</span> online with Shopmonkey.
Mon 22 Jul
Around the table

Who you are, what product or service you sell and what the requirements are for your ideal custom-made webshop. We really want to know everything about you and your business. If it's an existing webshop, we will first analyse the current situation together. That's why we like to sit down with a cup of coffee (or tea, or lemonade) and talk it all through. 

Your ideasën, together with our knowledge and experience, will form the basis for arriving at the result that works for you. You understand your product, we understand e- commerce. You take care of the content, we take care of the technical and graphic story.

Tue 23 Jul

We analyse your current situation. Do you want to start a web shop, or do you have an existing web shop that needs a new design, or do you want to migrate your web shop to another web shop platform?

We look at exactly what you need, what applications and links you use, or want to start using. Is a product migration important. Together with you and possibly with our partners, we will ensure a streamlined transition.

Fri 23 Aug

Now that we have everything mapped out, it's time for the design. We start with a blank canvas. On that, we incorporate all your requirements and wishes into a beautiful and sleek converting design for the optimal customer journey. We design mobile first, of course. That scores better in Google.

Fri 27 Sep

After the design has been determined by you to your complete satisfaction, we will create your custom-made web shop. Again, we start with a blank canvas, where we recreate the design, including your feedback, pixel-perfectly, creating your shop. Sales can begin!

Wed 02 Oct

The going live of your custom-made web shop is just the beginning. Results will show what works and what can be improved. With Shopmonkey Grow, you are assured of fast and adequate further development, you get the aftercare you deserve and we relieve you of testing, learning and adjusting the webshop. As said, you know your product, we know e- commerce. You take care of the content, we take care of the technical and graphic story.

Grow easy
Grow at your own pace with 2 hours of adjustment per week for 12 months.
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Grow steady 🔥
Grow at a rapid pace with 4 hours of adjustment per week for 6 months.
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Burst out of your depth with 8 hours of adjustment per week, from 3 months.
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