We are shopmonkey

We’re tigers of e-commerce, if we may say so ourself. Main focus is on building shops. Primarily Lightspeed, but we also build customized systems. We do this for Adamunderwear, BRUUT, Birkenstockshop, PostNL, Telefoondiscounter, Wear2Work, Wijnvoordeel, XXLhoreca and over 700 others, and soon for you!. We’re number #1 Lightspeed, Platinum Partner, so we know the ins and outs and have got the skills to pay the bills. Besides, our philosophy works as a convincing argument and your satisfaction is at the top of our list…

More about us

Our way of thinking
Efficient & affordable

It’s not the offer amount that counts, but the quantity multiple.

Contact or info?

No tickets, no menu. Just 023-, 06-, or e-mail for a quick answer.

Always functional

Always responsive. Working well on PC, tablet, TV, and smartphone.

Excellent design

No Picasso, but excellent in simplicity and usability

Technical delights

A mix of design and technics has a nice flavour. Have a taste in our kitchen!

Sky Is The Limit

Affordable and scalable. For the small ones, but we can definitely also handle big.

What type of client are you?
  • I’m a company
  • I’m changing over
  • I’m a starter
  • I’m Lightspeed client
    I’m Lightspeed client

I am a company and need a (new) shop…

We’ve got that! Effective, professional, affordable and scalable, convertible, compleet, good-looking, smart…

Why pay a lot when a solution is readily available? No need. We build on Lightspeed, the best platform right now, with all standard functions you need: Payment methods, logistic links, marketing functions, CRM, order management, rapidly fast, and safe hosting, the lowest costs of transactions, and easy monkey-manageable.

There’s a pretty big chance we already have 70% of your shop lying on our shelf here. What’s left is a unique convertible design, potential link to your current accounting- or point-of-sale system, and product content. We do the technics and design, you decide on the product. A complex product or online service? We have a solution for that too.

Check out what we do, grab a coffee, 1-2 weeks wait, and let’s go.

I’m changing over

Changing over is done just like that… Import your assortment in an instant.

E-commerce has to work. Luondo, Magento, and CCV shop for example, are often solutions that are (too) expensive or don’t meet the expectations.

We work with Lightspeed, the leading SaaS-platform, but without the ceiling. So don’t hit your head, but us build a scalable shop via the extensive template editor and API. A standard of 300+ functions for professional shops. Is there a function missing? Then we’ll just add it. Scalable!

Curious if we can make changing over possible? Tell us your story via Contact.

Starter – Everything is new to me

Need help starting your own webstore? We know how it should be done…

Whether you’re buying your own supply, importing from China, or working with dropshipping, we know ho wit works…

Once we were in your shoes, when from 2009 to 2011 we managed our own shops. Besides that, via our lable Dropshippen.nl we are specialized in guiding starting entrepeneurs and linking webstores to dropship suppliers. We also give detailed advice, like how online marketing works or how the market reacts. Besides, we can take care of the design and technical side for you.

Info? Contact us here.

I’m Lightspeed client

Need experience? 800+ shops preceded you… Meet the best and most experienced certified Lightspeed eCom partner!

Our love started in 2009 when, with one of our own shops, we became Lightspeed eCom client. Meanwhile we’re acknowledged and certified Platinum Partner. The highest appreciation. Champions League…

With 700+ shops the biggest, most experienced, and therefore, thé fastest. Furthermore we like ‘lightspeed communication’, short run times, and are one of the most affordable ones out there. It’s for a reason that we get the most reviews and clients give us a 9.9 rating.

We make custom templates, but also rebuild existing shops. Strong in design and technics. Check info here.


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