Having webshop built by the # 1 Lightspeed partner - Shopmonkey

We build webshops.

Primarily on Lightspeed, but we also build customized systems. We do this for shops as Baskèts, Bavaria, Beachim, Casimoda, FOUR Amsterdam, Gesponnen Suiker, Lofty Manner, Motorkleding Center, Neckermann, PostNL, Telegraaf, Telefoondiscounter, WonenMetLef and 1.500+ others, but as well for design agencies, marketing business and other Lightspeed partners.

With 1.500+ shops built we are – if we may say so ourselves – by far the best, most experienced, fastest and yet the most affordable Lightspeed Elite Partner. In addition, our philosophy works as a convincing argument, we score a 9.9 rating and we have a lot of fun in our work.

The cutest kid on the block.
We’re relatively small, but reliable. Fast but flawless. A bit of bravado and boldness, but that all speaks for itself because…
Efficient, affordable en 100% functional.
We prefer 500 happy faces over 100 big payers. Efficient, lightning fast, affordable, scalable, and simply great.
No Picasso, but excellent in UX and conversion.
For small ones but for 40+ million dollar shops as well. For that little shop on the corner or for that bug fashion brand. For everybody. With equal passion and attention.
Basically, we know how e-commerce works and we build the best converting webshops. We do this according to our philosophy.

Theme Gibbon.

A groundbreaking new theme from the #1 Lightspeed Elite partner (1.500+ shops built). Mobile First (works as an App). Lots of menu options (vertical, horizontal). Extended Live Search. A lot of settings to setup the homepage. Live compare function. Custom review display, blog, service page and cart page. Infinite scroll. New innovative display product bundles. And much (!) more. The New Standard.
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Having webshop built by the # 1 Lightspeed partner - Shopmonkey
Having webshop built by the # 1 Lightspeed partner - Shopmonkey