Everything linked efficiently with APIs

APIs or application programming interfaces ensure that all your systems and components communicate with each other without a hitch.

Need a connection?

We can connect your shop with your accounting, cash register and/or inventory systems, logistics partners or suppliers. This is handy if, for example, you also keep track of stock on your cash register or accounting system or if you don't want to upload stock mutations or new items on a daily basis. Linking with payment methods and marketing platforms is also possible!

What can we do?

A link often seems simple, but it is almost always different from other links. Because of our vast experience, there is a chance that a large part of the required link is already in our hands. Ask us about the possibilities.

How do we do it?

For a custom link we sit down with you to get a full picture of how the processes run and what the ideal situation will look like after implementing the new link. Even if an API link is not immediately possible, we will still come up with a solution.

What are the benefits?

Realizing a link is cost-effective. It often saves you a lot of time, effort and many times more money than what it costs. Curious about how much a customized link will save you?

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