Who we are

Meet the Monkeys!

We are Shopmonkey. E-commerce guys with a focus on design and technology. E-commerce guys where it's not about the amount of the quotation, but about the multiple of the number. Rather 500 happy customers for a correct amount, than 100 account fillers who pay too much. Just love for the profession, and we like the appreciation. Curious about our trip and how we think? Read more:

Dildo’s and lube..

Fall of 2009 we took off. Then just 18 years young. We had the technical expertise, no investment budget, but still, we wanted to start a business. Dropshipping offered a solution, but no dropship supplier wanted to do business. Too young, unexperienced and no money. In the adult industry it worked with having just a Chamber-of-Commerce number, so, as an experiment, we built two dildoshops with an investment loan of a couple of tenners (two months of hosting). Shops launched, turnover generated, and three months later sold for a couple hundred euros.


Those couple hundred euros meant we had a marketing budget for the following shops. We built shops in electronics, furniture, wines, champagne, and more. Distinguishing ourselves was difficult, because of our size, track record, and budget. So many failed. Occasionally we hit the mark. Like our champagne shop that, with an initial investment of €100, generated a turnover of 10K in the first month.

From Coolblue to its developer.

The ambition to build a Coolblue-like imperium with a zero-investment turned out to be unrealistic (ah well, it probably had something to do with our age). Entrepeneurs with money and decisiveness had a bigger shot, but didn’t possess the technical expertise. We did, so we transformed from manager to developer. And it went fast! At the end of 2011 we sold our shops to create more space for the service of today.

Focus within the focus, focus..

From the very start we stood for one important philosophy: The client’s car is not important in naming a price, we only charge for the actual work to be done; We maintain the most efficient way to quality and the delivered quality should automatically convince new clients. After some experience with solutions such as Magento, Wordpress, and Prestashop, there was only one solution fit for this philosophy: SaaS (or Lightspeed). So bye Magento and +1 for Lightspeed! Now, 80% of what we do occupies Lightspeed. The other 20% is invested in more complex systems that don’t fit on Lightspeed. 100% Focus. So quality, fair, and affordable..

Our team achieves.

We’re still young, but have become very experienced in the meantime. We have a passion for ecommerce, and do what we’re good at. This we do together as a team, but also divided: The sparand-appeal monkeys are commercial, think along as if théy own the place, can relate tot he product, and produce the most useful answers, often within 2-3 hours. The technical guys only see code, day in day out. And the Picasso’s create art that converts all day. Advanced seperate skills, amazing when combined. If we may say so ourself.

Who do we do this for?

For ourselves initially, only because we really like our work. Besides that we’re here for shops with a low turnover, but also ones that gross over 40 million. For small shops with few products, but also companies such as PostNL, Neckermann or XXLhoreca with a wide range of products. At the same time, other Lightspeed partners like DMWS, Vivaio, DTG, or other media companies, designers, and marketing guys gratefully use our expertise! You too?