It became time. Time for the new standard.

Theme Mandrill.

As oldest Lightspeed partnet, with, at that time, 1.000+ built shops and experience with creating themes for other Lightspeed partners, we thought it was about time. Time to set the new standard. The new standard for Lightspeed themes. Fast, clear, great conversing, user friendly, functional, easy, no bugs and clean code. Just great.

200+ functions. Always a unique design.

You don't want a template which your competitor also uses, because you have to distinguish yourself by being unique. That's why we've created 200+ functions, that allow you to decide the way you arrange your navigation and homepage. You decide wether to show a video or a headline image, and what size they should be. You decide how to show your products, filters, discount percentages, productimages etc.

Custom blog.

Before building Theme Mandrill we received a lot of requests asking to do something about the standard view of blogs, so we decided to set a new standard: A custom blog view. Much more space for images, fully responsive and much more clear.

Custom cart.

To make sure that as much as possible cart visitors turn in customers and to get the the average order value as big as possible, we've redesigned the standard cart page. Clear, more call-to-action and payment icons to gain trust.

New review layout.

Lightspeed's first theme with a custom view for reviews! Because reviews are important. That's why we're the first to pay more attention to the reviews; more visible and more call-to-action on writing reviews!