Our philosophy

It’s not just about the product, but also the way of thinking…

Why is this so important?

We’ve often been annoyed by the approach of many. We very much dislike the standard business culture. Paying too much, getting no attention, long lead times, and a lot of bull. In deciding our way of working we chose not to look at how others were doing it, but how we see it ourself. And that’s sometimes unusual, weird or new, however weird it may sound…

Not the usual hierarchy.

No usual hierarchy, but just everything in order. You’ll have contact with the person sitting in front of the cabinet. The graphic department is located 10 meters away, across from the technical department who is located to the left of the printer and the right of the fridge. Everything in one open room of about 150 square meters. No project managers, no automated phone answering system, and we each get our own coffee.

Act normal, that's crazy enough.

When we score a big assignment, we won't go and have a high class lunch or sip champagne, unless you invite us. We do however get an omelette at the lunch room around the corner on friday afternoon, and occasionally have a beer. This to have a bit of fun and to have a relaxed look back at the week. That's where we keep learning from.

Know the definition of ‘client’.

Neighbors are neighbors, (good) friends are forever. We are happy with a new client, but find it so much more interesting when a client is still with us in five years. Commercially speaking, but also personally. How do we make sure this happens? By being scalable, so we have got something to offer tomorrow as well. But mainly, by executing work perfectly, so that you will also contact us next week.

Choose the smartest possible way to Rome.

It’s not about the offer amount, but the amount of ‘friends’. We determine the exact route beforehand, so that we can reach our destination in one trip, without having to ask for directions 50 times. After all, it’s the most efficient, quick, and affordable. The best quality for a fair price. Where others create óne shop, we create five. So, who’s the smartest now?

Be fair.

When naming a price we never look at the suit you’re wearing. It also doesn’t matter one bit whether you’re driving in with a Ferrari or a go-kart. We only make an offer for the actual work that has to be done. We think that’s the most fair, clear, and sensible. Everyone is treated equally.

Flexible, if it follows our philosophy.

We can’t make up a final price beforehand. Today’s wishes can be irrelevant tomorrow or someting comes to mind later. Completely reasonable. With customization we therefore organize two rounds of adjustments. Any additions? We calculate an extra price per addition. You only pay for the actual work that has to be done.

Be The Best.

No futher explanation needed. Simple as that! Judge for yourself!