Theme Gibbon.

A groundbreaking new theme from the #1 Lightspeed Elite partner (1.700+ shops built). Mobile First (works as an App). Lots of menu options (vertical, horizontal). Extended Live Search. A lot of settings to setup the homepage. Live compare function. Custom review display, blog, service page and cart page. Infinite scroll. New innovative display product bundles. And much (!) more. The New Standard.

Live Search.

A new, innovative, fast and more converting way of searching! Type a term in the search bar and get to see the search results live. Filter the results by specifying your query or by using the built-in filters. Also it's possible to sort by popularity, price and more.

Cart popup.

A good converting custom cart page. A clear overview with nice call-to-action buttons which encourage your customers to finalize their purchase. Payment icons to gain trust. Nice designed fields for using discount codes and calculating shipping costs, which are good for conversion...

Mobile first.

We noticed that in most cases mobile traffic is way bigger than desktop traffic. That's why we built Theme Gibbon mobile-first. And we love the result! Theme Gibbon feels like an app on mobile devices. The buttons are on a more logical spot (close to your thumb). Also we've tried to show content on smarter places. Long story short, Theme Gibbon is a real pro on mobile devices.

Custom Account Dashboard.

The Account Dashboard. The the poor relation of Lightspeed Themes. Untill yesterday. Because Theme Gibbon changed this: world's first Lightspeed Theme with a fully custom built Account Dashboard. An account dashboard with a modern design, where users get a clear overview of orders, it's easier to change account- and billing information and it's also easier to navigate to your wishlist-items.

Customer reviews.

We've noticed that review overviews in other themes is the poor relation. And we think that's a shame, because reviews are getting more and more important these days. So we decided to strip the review functionality of Lightspeed and build it again from scratch. And watch the result here: A clear and good looking overview and a design that invites you to leave a review.

Same theme, different layouts.

A theme is a theme. And where other themes are a dime a dozen, we have created an endless quantity of functions to make sure everyone can have a unique Theme Gibbon. You can choose the way you want to show your navigation for example. Decide the order of your homepage content for yourself! Determine the way you want to show your filters. We could go on like this for a while...