This is why

  • Rapidly fast communication
  • 9.9 rating Click here
  • Short lead times
  • Much knowledge and experience
  • Most affordable party
  • Commercial thinking

Would you work with yourself?

When we’re buying a new TV or getting new tires on our car, we want quality, quick service, not having to pay more than necessary, ánd honest advice. Our philosophy is that we should be treated the way we treat others, so we treat everyone the way we should. Always!

Efficient and affordable!

It’s not the offer amount, but the multiple of clients that we find interesting. We prefer 500 happy faces over 100 big payers. For us, it’s álways about the shortest route to a destination, because it costs less time and money. Commercially wise? Well, we work on the long run and think that appreciation is ás important as euros!

Qualitative and scalable!

We álways build shops responsive and search-engine friendly. We also know that we deliver excellent converting designs, with logical technics and a distinctive user-friendly back office. Efficient, but also with full commitment and the most attention. Besides, our work is scalable. We know that a situation today can be completely different tomorrow.

The most experienced!

Through the years we’ve gained experience with almost all open source and SaaS solutions available in the Netherlands. From Magento, Wordpress, and Joomla to Biedmeer (CCVshop), Luondo, MyShop, and more. We can honestly say that we know how it should be done. Besides that, with 1.500+ built shops on Lightspeed, we’re the most experienced Lightspeed expert.

Liiiiightning fast.

If we want something, we want it NOW! We know what it feels like. That’s why you will get a reply within a half-day during workdays. Big assignment? We’ll make an appointment and you will receive a bid that very same day. Lead time? Depending on size within a couple of days. Creating a complete customized shop is done in two to four weeks. No matter how busy we are.

Keep communicating!

No matter how big we get, our approach remains the same: You only have contact with one monkey. Often this is Thijs, one of the two founders, or his colleague Stef. Their jobs are to be at your service and handle all your questions and solutions. Thijs and Stef are commercially strong, think along, and provide quick answers that are helpful. Before, during, and áfter the completion.

Others also choose Shopmonkey!

Bigger parties such as PostNL, ID&T, Lofty Manner, Neckermann, Baskèts, Bavaria, XXlhoreca, Birkenstockshop, Relatieplanet, Telegraaf, Yogashop en Wijnvoordeel also choose us. Furthermore, our clients give us an average rating of 9.98. We aimed to maintain a 10, but we recently scored (only) an eight, so, unfortunately, we can’t do that anymore. Curious about all our 1.500+ other references? Check this.